NAC 2500

The NAC-2500 access controller provides speedy and efficient fingerprint authentication by incorporating the latest fingerprint recognition technology including optical sensor, and operating algorithms designed and developed solely by Nitgen, which provides customers with the opportunity to improve and upgrade existing systems, at reduced installation costs. As an optional extra, the NAC-2500 is capable of utilizing our enterprise level entry/exit management system, whereby Administrators can assign controls to designate Managers, and so on. Employee work-time data can then be recorded utilizing the Time & Attendance management features with its built-in LAN communication based network structure. and enhanced server management program.


  • Enhanced user configuration feature
  • Capable of supporting various communication protocols, it can be used in numerous application areas
  • Suitable for employees work hour management with the function keys provided
  • Enhanced User Convenience
  • Supports various authentication mode, making it possible to configure as required by different security methods.