NAC 5000

NAC-5000 is a cutting edge fingerprint access controller, which comes with NITGEN’S superior own algorithm, large LCD& touch screen. It is very convenient and innovative design, it’s a market leader in access control with high value. NITGEN’S fingerprint algorithm enables to high speed authentication, NAC-5000 is designed for large scale of security system using TCP/IP & wireless LAN.


  • 5.7” true color LCD with Touch
  • High speed 1:N authentication
  • USB memory slot
  • Auto-on function & Live Finger Detection
  • Template capacity: Max. 100,000 templates
  • Log capacity: Max. 1,000,000 events
  • Supported WiFi (optional)
  • Fingerprint image & Quality check
  • User friendly interface
  • Ergonomical design