Part of the Convertible line of readers / controllers, this unit can be operated as an outdoor backlit keypad & proximity reader, which connects to any standard controller, or else it converts into a fully featured, 500-users stand-alone controller when connected to Rosslare’s PS-x5 family of intelligent power supply/relay units. This unit provides a most effective solution for indoor and outdoor access systems where PIN credentials are required.


  • Operating Voltage Range :- Reader mode: 5 to 16VDC from a standard controller
    Controller mode: PS-X5T series intelligent power supplies
  • Input Current :– Standby: 105mA at 12VDC
    Maximum: 140mA at 16VDC
  • Proximity Card Reader :- Maximum read range*: 80mm (3") Modulation: ASK at 125 kHz
    Compatible cards: All 26-Bit EM Cards
    * Measured using Rosslare Prox Card AT-R14 or equivalent. Range also depends on electrical environment and proximity to metal.
  • Tamper :- Optical back tamper sensor, O.C. active low, 32mA max. sink current.
  • Keypad :- 2x6 Keys for local programming and 4 to 8 digit PIN codes entry.
  • Design :- Epoxy potted, fully sealed in a rugged polycarbonate enclosure. Red illuminated rubber keys. Suitable for harsh environments.
  • Audio/Visual :- Two tri-color LED indicators, Built-in buzzer.
  • LED Control :- Dry contact, N.O.
  • Facility Code :- Programmable.
  • Read Card Format :- Selectable Wiegand 26 Bits or Clock & Data.
  • PIN Code Formats :- 8 selectable formats, from 1 to 8 digit length PIN Codes.
  • Capacity :- 500 Users, dual code / card or code + card each
  • User Levels :- Normal, Secure and Master
  • Security Modes :- Normal, Bypass and Secure
  • Outputs :- Lock Strike output
    Auxiliary output (PS-25T series)
  • Inputs :- REX (Request to Exit)
    Auxiliary/Door Monitor with 10 programmable modes
  • Operating Environment :- All weather, indoor and outdoor use, meets IP65
  • Operating Temperature :- -31˚C to 66˚C (-31˚F to 151˚F)
  • Operating Humidity :- 0 to 95%
  • Dimensions :- 137 x 44 x 21 mm (5.39 x 1.73 x 0.83 inch)
  • Weight :- 160g (0.35 lbs)